I am running Replicant 6.0 on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I happen to like the size of my “phablet”, even though some scoff at it. That might be a case of phone-envy though. The extra real estate on the screen, plus double the RAM, made me pick this one over the S3. The stylus pen has been a bonus feature I didn’t expect to get so much use out of.

Installation and usage notes:

This tutorial works like a charm, as long as you remember to “Wipe data” after the “Factory reset” and before you “Apply update”! When I first flashed the OS on this thing, it would always hang at the boot splash screen, until I realized I had skipped the important step of wiping the data.

Compass Calibration File seems to be missing?? I’ll have to check later…

USB Reverse Tethering doesn’t seem to work with wicd on the desktop, but works fine with something NetworkManager. Currently searching for a workaround. The issue is that you need to create a wired connection profile that is “Shared to other computers”, and I haven’t figured out how to do this using wicd yet.

It helps to run adb with root privileges using sudo.

Screen rotation and most of the sensors do not work (yet), will report back if a fix is found.

Wolfi’s Blog keeps me updated on the latest inner workings of the Replicant Project. Thanks Wolfi!

If you are concerned about privacy/securitiy/anonimity, it would be a good idea to harden your phone.

If all else fails, I’ll set up a Zero Phone, but so far, so good.